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Name:Dr. Karla Rae Jameson
Birthdate:Mar 19
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
Karla Jameson has wanted to be a doctor since she was old enough to talk. She's descended from a long line of physicians and other medical professionals, and her dreams were always to pursue a career in medicine. She wanted to become a surgeon in her younger years, but as she got older, she found that she was more drawn to the idea of being a general practitioner with her own office and her own patients whom she could develop good working relationships with and oversee their care through all sorts of situations.

She worked her ass off all the way through high school, and when the time came for her to apply for colleges, nothing but Ivy League would do. She scored the opportunity of a lifetime with a full ride to Harvard (much to her dad, a Professor of Medicine at Columbia's teasing), and went there for both her undergraduate degree and her MD. It was in her early years at Harvard that Karla went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans with her girlfriends from school, intending to enjoy a break from school and take a short leave from the overwhelming exhaustion of studying for the intense coursework of pre-med. It was on this trip that Karla got separated from her friends at a bar, where she had gone to the very isolated single-stall ladies room. As she attempted to leave and go back to meet with her friends again, a stranger shoved her back into the bathroom and raped her.

It was the most traumatic experience of her life, and she didn't know anything about the man... where he was from or his name... except that he had piercing blue eyes. Her friends finally found her nearly an hour later, having looked for her all over the bar and finally found her on the bathroom floor, and took her to the ER, where she was treated, and a rape kit taken. There were no DNA matches for her attacker on file at the time, and Karla was taken back to the hotel room by her friends, who stayed with her until they were able to get a flight out earlier than they'd planned to leave.

It was only weeks later, after having gone back to school and attempted to recover from what had been done to her, that Karla discovered she was pregnant. She'd been offered the morning after pill at the ER, but had refused it, mainly because she was so violently ill already that she wasn't sure that her stomach would survive the heavy doses of hormones. She hadn't even been drunk -- the nausea was an emotional response to the attack -- but the staff had assumed she was just really drunk. Ultimately, she was pregnant, and in the hardest choice of her life, she chose to keep the baby. She'd weighed her options carefully, and despite how hard it was, she couldn't have an abortion, and from the moment she felt him kick, she knew she couldn't give him up for adoption either.

Unfortunately, when the baby was born, a son she named Richard Morton Jameson for her dad and her grandfather, postpartum depression set in heavily, and for a long time, she couldn't feel connected to her son. The trauma of his conception haunted her, and sometimes she looked at him and couldn't wrap her head around the idea that she was meant to care for him. Luckily for both her and her son, her parents stepped in at that point and brought them both home to Sands Point, New York. They effectively stepped in with the hands-on parenting for Richie so that Karla could finish school, and she went on to become a doctor, all while getting counseling for the struggles she dealt with both as a result of her rape, and of her postpartum depression.

Once she'd graduated med school, she took over as both a full-time physician, and a full-time mom, and with the help of the counseling, she came to adore her son, embracing the fact that he was a part of her, and letting her focus pull away from how he was conceived. She and Richie became incredibly close, almost growing up together in a way, as she was so young when he was born. They often jokingly referred to themselves as the Gilmore Girls, even though Richie was a boy. Karla never dated again, instead focusing all her energy on her career and raising her son.

These days, she has her own office in White Plains, just outside the City, and couldn't be more proud of her son, who is himself a Harvard educated doctor.
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